Are There Better Alternatives To Disposable Vapes?

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Disposable vapes are our top-selling products as customers love how easy they are to use. When vaping first burst onto the scene, disposable vapes were all people cared about. Why buy other products when disposable vapes offer such convenience at a low price point? One device gives you 600 puffs, which is more than enough for a few days.

As the years go by, more and more of our customers are seeking an alternative to disposable vapes. Why? Concerns exist around the environmental impact of disposable vapes - and, more recently, UK customers are worried about a potential ban on disposable vapes.

We're delighted to tell you that alternatives to disposable vapes exist. You'll find a host of options on our site, though the two main categories are:

  • Reusable vape kits
  • Nicotine pouches

    Throughout this guide, we'll explain what these alternatives are and their main pros and cons. Hopefully, it lets you figure out the best alternative to disposable vapes for your specific needs!

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    Reusable Vape Kits

    We can't talk about disposable vape alternatives without mentioning vape kits. A vape kit is sometimes referred to as a pod kit or refillable pod kit, but all these terms mean the same thing. Before we dive into the pros and cons of reusable vapes, you probably have some burning questions.

    What is a reusable vape kit?

    While disposable vapes are used until they're out of puffs, reusable vape kits come with a rechargeable battery, ensuring multiple uses over many weeks and months.

    How many puffs can you get from a reusable vape kit?

    Vape kits will usually give you anywhere between 300-600 puffs per vial of vape juice. Like disposable vapes, you get prefilled pods with pod vape kits. The big difference is that once your e-liquid runs out, you can buy another prefilled pod to replace it.

    Moreover, unlike disposable vapes, a reusable vape kit can be charged over and over. In theory, you can get unlimited puffs until the device dies.

    How do you charge a pod kit?

    Refillable pod kits are charged via a USB-C cable. Simply plug one end into the pod kit and the other into a charging port. The charging times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, though most vape kits will achieve a full charge within one to two hours.

    Some people think that's a long time, but it could take longer to head out and buy replacement disposable vapes anyway so it depends on how you look at the situation!

    Are vape kits more expensive than disposable vapes?

    Yes and no. It depends on the pod kit you're buying and the disposable vapes you're comparing it to. Most vape brands will price their disposable vape kits and refillable pod kits at around the same price. There might be a quid or two difference between them, but the bottom line is that a refillable kit is not that expensive. You can pick some up on our site for as little as £5.

    How long will a pod kit last over time?

    It depends on how well you look after your pod kit, though it can last for well over a year before it needs replacing. Compare this to a disposable vape, which will be out of puffs within a couple of days. If you constantly buy more disposable vapes during the year, you're going through maybe two a week.

    That's over 100 disposable vapes in an entire year!

    During the same time, you're still using one pod kit and just buying prefilled pods whenever yours run out.

    Will a vape kit have as much nicotine as a disposable vape?

    Yes, you get the same concentration of nicotine salt e-liquids in a vape kit as you do in a disposable vape. They both contain the UK standard 20mg nicotine per 2ml e-liquid. In fact, a pod kit will use the same nic salt e-liquids as disposable vapes anyway, so there's no change here to worry about.

    The Advantages Of Vape Kits As Best Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

    All your questions about vape kit devices should be answered above, other than the obvious one: why should you consider a pod kit as an alternative to disposable vapes?

    You'll see many benefits from reusable vapes that you won't get in a disposable vape kit, such as:

    • Enjoy a similar feeling to disposable vapes - A reusable vape kit features the same elements as a disposable vape. Both products are designed for convenience and fit in your pocket, so they can be taken with you everywhere. The only difference is that you can recharge your vape kit and refill its e-liquid pods!
    • Cut down on disposable vape waste - Did you know that 1.3 million disposable vapes are thrown away every week!? Ditch your disposable vape and try prefilled pod kits to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable planet.
    • Never worry about running out of puffs - Disposable vape devices only give you up to 600 puffs before they're all out of e-liquid. Your refillable vape kit means you don't have to worry about running out. If you have a cartridge spare you can swap it instantly and start puffing again. Then, when the battery runs out, simply charge it up!

    The Disadvantages Of Vape Kits As Best Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

    We'll be honest and say that a pod kit will come with some drawbacks. If you're used to using disposable vapes, you may not enjoy the following aspects of switching to refillable pod kits:

    • Not as many flavours - Disposable vapes boast more flavours than their reusable counterparts. Prefilled pod kits still come with decent flavour varieties, but you'll always get more from disposable vape devices. For example, the Elf Bar 600 V2 Disposable offers 28 flavours while the Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pod Kit only boasts 8.
    • Need to manage the battery - When disposable vapes are done, you get rid of them and buy another. Reusable vape devices have the slight downside of making you worry about battery life. If you're low, you need to be sure you're near a charging port and remember your charger.

    Overall, reusable vape devices are arguably the best disposable vape alternatives for people who want a nicotine hit and enjoy the vaping experience. For those who don't care too much about refillable vape kits and mouth-watering flavours, perhaps you'd like to consider this alternative instead:

    Nicotine Pouches

    Nicotine pouches are viable alternatives to disposable vapes if you're trying to get a nicotine hit. Instead of getting this from a nicotine salt e-liquid, you're getting it from a pouch.

    How do nicotine pouches work?

    Disposable vape users or people with a refillable pod kit will inhale vapour from e-liquid infused with nicotine salt. That's how nicotine gets into your system and gives you a hit.

    Nicotine pouches deliver a similar hit, only you place the product under your lip. Flatten it against your gum and the nicotine diffuses into your mouth and that's how you get the hit.

    Are nicotine pouches safe?

    Yes, there's no reason a nicotine pouch isn't safe and it's one of the best alternatives to disposable vapes. You're not inhaling anything and you simply remove the pouch after an hour or so.

    The Advantages Of Nicotine Pouches As Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

    Lots of people choose to ignore e-liquid products and opt for nicotine pouches as the best alternatives to disposable vapes. Why? Because they present the following benefits:

    • Better for your lungs - While pen vape kits and e-liquid products aren't as bad for your lungs as smoking, the jury's still out on the long-term effects. Nicotine pouches don't make you inhale any substances, so your lungs will thank you.
    • More nicotine concentration options - A prefilled pod kit and most disposable vapes only contain 20mg of nicotine in the e-liquid. You can't play around with the strengths or concentrations, but you can with nicotine pouches. They're available in a variety of strengths to help you get a nicotine hit that satisfies your specific needs.
    • A subtler way to get nicotine - If you're looking for alternatives to disposable vapes as you need nicotine, then pouches are the most discreet option. You can pop them in your mouth and nobody will notice.
    • Can be used when vaping is banned - Some places ban you from vaping, such as any indoor facility or public transport. Keep your prefilled pod kit in your bag and pop a nicotine pouch without breaking any laws.

    The Disadvantages Of Nicotine Pouches As Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

    When compared with a refillable vape, you can argue nicotine pouches have a few downsides:

    • Nowhere near as flavourful - Nicotine pouches won't be as enjoyable as the e-liquid in reusable vapes. Your pod vape kit gives plenty of fun and fruity flavours to enjoy.
    • Doesn't replicate the feeling of smoking - Lots of people vape to replace smoking and part of this is down to the feeling of a vape in their hand. Inhaling the e-liquid replicates smoking and makes it easier to kick the habit. Nicotine pouches deal with nicotine cravings yet don't help you replicate the feeling of a long draw.
    • Removes the social element of vaping - One of the joys of vaping is heading outside and speaking to some of your mates while you have a puff. You don't get this with nicotine pouches, so it might not be the best alternative to disposables for you.

    Find The Best Alternative To Disposable Vapes

    All in all, we've got two main alternatives to disposable vapes for you to try. You can either opt for a reusable vape kit or try nicotine pouches. Truthfully, nothing's stopping you from using both! Have a refillable pod kit for some occasions and nicotine pouches as a backup when you're either indoors or run out of juice.

    Explore both sets of products at Vape Globe and enjoy 10% off your first order when you join our mailing list!

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