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ON! Nicotine pouches have established a longstanding presence in the market. Each ON! pouch is compact and among the drier options available in nicotine pouches. They come in two nicotine strengths, both in mini pouch sizes: 3mg for those new to nicotine pouches and 6mg for more experienced users.

In the UK, ON! Nicotine pouches are available in a variety of flavours. Experiment with different options to discover your favourite, then choose your preferred strength and begin enjoying ON! pouches according to your preferences.

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On! Nicotine Pouches

Are you looking for tobacco-free snus?

Well, you're in luck. This guide introduces you to the On!’s flavours and products. We also look at the brand's history and some things that make it special.

But before we begin, it is worth pointing out what On! offers, and what it doesn't.

On! is not a chewing tobacco company. You can't munch on its products (and you'd be disappointed if you did!). Instead, it sells pouches like porous tea bags which you hold in your mouth to release their flavour and nicotine content. 

Similarly, On! does not offer smokeless tobacco products. Therefore, it is different from a traditional Swedish snus company. Snus users who want to continue using traditional tobacco products should look elsewhere.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's look at On! and whether you should try its nicotine pouches.

On! Flavours: Delicious Every Time

Like other top nicotine pouch brands, On! offers numerous flavour options. These vary significantly from each other, even if the names sound the same as other brands. 

What's more, On!'s flavours are particularly original. The brand isn't afraid to push the boat out and experiment with new nicotine products. 

So what does it offer? Let's take a look:


Berry is a classic flavour option used by numerous nicotine pouch brands and loved by tobacco and non-tobacco users alike. On!'s version tastes like currants and blackberries, for a fresh, breakfast-like sensation.


On! also offers Spearmint for a light minty flavour. It releases freshness for up to an hour.

Spearmint is slightly less cool than conventional mint, offering the iconic taste, without blowing your head off.

Lemon Berry

Lemon Berry combines the best of both worlds. You get a citrusy kick followed by the satisfying and familiar sensation of currants and blackberries.

Lemon Berry is an original fusion most brands ignore. The fruit-salad flavours provide extra depth and complexity that's hard to find elsewhere.


Like Nordic Spirit and VELO, On! also does its version of classic mint. However, it is distinct from other products.

The first thing you notice is how crisp and strong it is. The brand infuses it with its signature recipe to soothe your mind. Minty flavours burst into your mouth, giving you a fantastic kick and making the entire experience more exciting.

Island Twist

Island Twist is another fab flavour from On!, delivering a quintessential tropical fruit taste with some added heat. It immediately transports you to a lush Caribbean island with its fiery chilli and papaya notes.


Coffee is another On! classic. It delivers rich, beany notes to the tongue that tastes great (nearly as good as the real thing!)

Many people who want to quit smoking will turn to coffee to perk them up and get them going in the morning. On!'s Coffee flavour brings the best of both worlds by providing espresso taste sensations with the nicotine of tobacco snus.

Unlike some brands, On!'s Coffee flavour solely imparts the essence of coffee beans. Don't expect any chocolate or creamy notes. 

Spicy Lime

Spicy Lime is another original flavour from On! It combines citrus with slight chilli heat.

This flavour combination is a classic in some parts of Asia. But it also works for a Western palate, thanks to the added sweetness. 

Grapefruit Spritz

On! designs its Grapefruit Spritz as an alternative for tobacco smokers to give them a real lift and help them feel their best. It is also popular among daily snus users acclimated to high nicotine content. It combines the citrus of grapefruit with the unique flavour of white currant, described as "particularly strong." As such, it's worth trying if you love extreme culinary sensations.

Spicy Margarita

Spicy Margarita is another top flavour from On! It's similar to Spicy Lime but combines lime and chilli with additional fruits. The moment you pop it in your mouth, you'll feel like you're at a swanky bar drinking cocktails. 

Sweet Mint

If you're not a big fan of strong mint but still like the herb's taste, you might want to try On!'s Sweet Mint. It adds an extra layer of sweetness to the classic taste, making it ideal for anyone wanting a less intense experience.

On! supplies this flavour in a low nicotine concentration for those with more delicate palates. Consider it a beginner's choice!

Smooth Mint

You can also get a similar flavour called Smooth Mint. It incorporates regular peppermint in a slim format.


Finally, On! offers a product with a pure citrus punch. It combines grapefruit and lime for a sublime sensation on the tongue.

On! Nicotine Pouch Features

On! tries to woo snus users by offering numerous alternative products in various sizes and nicotine strengths. It also appeals to beginners – even people who never smoked a cigarette before. Here are some of the factors that make its products special and worth trying:


On! sells products in two sizes: Mini and Slim

Mini products pack a similar nicotine concentration but in a smaller pouch. The brand aims these products at people new to holding pouches next to their lips or who want to get a fix discreetly.

Slim products are essentially the brand's standard option (similar in size to options from other manufacturers). These are larger and provide longer release but it can take longer to get used to them.

Nicotine Strengths

On! offers products with three nicotine strengths. However, not all strengths are available for every flavour.

Normal strength offers 3MG per pouch. Strong has 6MG per pouch, while Extra Strong has 9MG per pouch.

Berry, Spearmint, Lemon Berry, Mint, Coffee, Spicy Margarita, Smooth Mint, and Sweet Mint are available in normal strength. Berry, Spearmint, Island Twist, Spicy Lime, Lemon Berry, Mint, Citrus, and Smooth Mint are available in Strong, and Grapefruit Spritz and Mint are available in Extra Strong.

If you used a lot of tobacco products in the past, you might want to choose higher strengths. However, there are milder options for those new to nicotine pouches. 

How To Use On! Pouches

If you used snus products in the past, you're in luck: nicotine pouches work in much the same way. Unlike vaping products or cigarettes, you don't inhale anything. Instead, the nicotine passes out of the product and through your gum's lining.

Still confused? Here's what to do to use On!'s pouches:

Step 1: Find a pouch you love

The first step is to find an On! flavour you love. Lucky for you, the brand has one of the broadest selections of any manufacturer in the industry.

Step 2: Put The Pouch Under Your Lip

The next step is to take the pouch out of the tin and put it under your lip. This part is the sams as using a conventional snus.

You may need to fiddle around with the position and placement of the tobacco until you get it in the perfect spot because products can feel strange the first time you use them.

If the pouch feels too large, switch to a mini product. These are slimmer than On!'s "Slim" range and come in more flavour options. 

Step 3: Wait For The Pouch To Release Its Nicotine

Once the pouch is under your lip, it will start releasing nicotine through the permeable gum lining. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. (Some brands take longer).

You may notice a slight tingling sensation when you apply the product. This is normal and should subside during the first 15 minutes.

If it becomes uncomfortable, take the pouch out and try another one later.

Step 4: Remove The Pouch

The final step is to remove the pouch and dispose of it. On! uses natural plant fibres. However, pouches are not recyclable.

Why Do People Choose On!?

On! is a relatively new brand. But despite its youth, many people are already using it. Here's why:


On! is one of the more affordable nicotine pouch brands on the market. It offers low prices that are considerably less than many competitors.

Coming to us for your On! pouches helps you find even better deals. We offer special discounts for an even better bargain. 

A Range Of Different Flavours

On! is also known for its wide-ranging choice of flavours. Many brands stick with well-known fruity tastes to stay safe, but On! is different. It branches out, offering spicy and herby taste sensations, and its iconic Coffee line. 

Discreet Products

Finally, On! offers discreet products that fit under the tongue. These are ideal for situations where the use of regular tobacco products is prohibited, such as airports or offices.

If you are worried about discretion, choose On!'s Mini products. These are less than half the volume of standard pouches.

The History of On! Nicotine Pouches

Burger Sohne introduced On! nicotine pouches in 2015 as a tobacco-free alternative to traditional snus. It started selling to customers in nearby Switzerland and Austria before expanding to more European countries in 2016, including Germany, Denmark, and the UK.

In 2019, the Swiss tobacco giant Altria announced it would obtain an 80% share in the On! brand, setting up Helix Innovations, a company it would use to manufacture and market the product.

Initially, the product attracted more female tobacco consumers because of its subtle flavours and compact design. However, it soon expanded, accounting for a massive 30% market share.

Later in 2021, Altria bought out the remaining 20% of the company. This complete control allowed it to expand its product offering and appeal to wider audiences.

Wrapping Up

On! is an established brand with a long-running history. It has had not one but two prestigious owners.

Unlike the Scandinavian smokeless tobacco brands, On! began in central European countries. Its makers soon saw that it could offer a robust alternative to cigarette consumption. Later, it went worldwide.

Ultimately, the brand offers an alternative to oral tobacco and Swedish snus. It can help some people lower their tobacco consumption by giving them something else that provides just the right fix. People love On! because of its range of flavours, discreet products, and affordability.

FAQs About ON!

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