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Explore our collection of JUUL Vape products, featuring the widely favoured JUUL2, along with JUUL2 pods. JUUL has risen to prominence in the vaping market, known for its cutting-edge devices and international influence.

Distinct from other vaping options, the JUUL system offers a fulfilling nicotine experience tailored for adult smokers transitioning from traditional cigarettes. Each JUUL2 pod, available in various flavours, is crafted with premium ingredients and meticulously blended and filled in the U.S.A. JUUL stands as the go-to choice for adult smokers who prioritise quality, satisfaction, and consistency in their vaping experience.

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JUUL: All You Need To Know

When you think of vape brands, you immediately think of JUUL. We're proud to stock one of the world's leading vape brands at our online vape shop - and there's a stunning selection of cigarette-style vape products for you to enjoy.

From JUUL pods to a fantastic refillable and reusable vape device, you'll see the best deals and get free UK delivery on orders over £10 from our store!

A Brief History Of JUUL

JUUL the brand is officially known as JUUL Labs. It was established in 2015 in the USA and quickly became the most popular nicotine-based e-cigarette in the country. Ex-smokers love JUUL products because they simulate the feeling of smoking but without a lot of nasty chemicals or smoke.

Fast forward a few years and JUUL is now accessible within the United Kingdom. The nicotine salt e-liquid is vastly popular with the UK crowd and pre-filled JUUL pod devices are big sellers across the country. The original JUUL device was such a big hit, leading to the company creating the JUUL2 and JUUL2 pods in 2021. These products build on what everyone already loves about JUUL devices and make them better.

Good news; JUUL2 is completely accessible within the United Kingdom! We sell both on our online store that ships all over the UK, meaning you can get the typical low-key vape experience of a JUUL in just a couple of days.

Introducing JUUL Vape Products

JUUL offers a range of products that are accessible within the United Kingdom for anyone aged 18 or over. This includes a reusable vape device, as well as some delicious pre-filled pods with premium e-liquid inside. You can find the full details of our JUUL products down below:

  • JUUL2 Starter Kit
  • JUUL2 Pre-Filled Pods

JUUL2 Starter Kit

Get your hands on some JUUL2 Starter Kits if you wish to experience the next generation of JUUL vape products. This kit has been carefully curated to appeal to the JUUL fan base by offering an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

Your starter kit comes with the following:

  • 2 JUUL2 pods (each with a different flavour)
  • A USB-A charging dock

The flavours are two of JUUL's biggest sellers; Crisp Menthol and Virginia Tobacco. Unlike other vape brands, JUUL stays away from some of the incredibly fruity flavour varieties. This brand is all about bridging the gap between smoking and vaping. It hopes to encourage smokers to try vaping instead, so the flavours are more akin to cigarettes.

From a technical standpoint, the JUUL2 Starter Kit can handle one pre-filled pod at once. It has a 350mAh battery and can produce 300 puffs per pod. When your pod runs out, simply eject it and slide in a new one. You can recharge this device as often as you like and refill it as many times as you wish.

This makes it a fantastically eco-friendly alternative to disposable vape pens. We know many members of the vaping community love the convenience of disposable vapes, but the JUUL2 gives you something that's just as convenient and better for the planet.

There's so much technology inside the JUUL2, making it a truly innovative device. It uses an Auto Draw function to activate and heat the nicotine salt liquid, turning it into vapour without pressing buttons. Bright LED lights adorn the side and help you track the liquid level and the battery usage.

Even more impressive is the partner App for mobile devices. Download it to track your JUUL2 usage and see information about the way you inhale or how much juice is left. If you misplace your device, the app will also help you track it!

JUUL2 Pre-Filled Pods

As well as starter kits, JUUL Pre-Filled Pods are fully accessible within the United Kingdom via our online store that ships all over the country. These pods are compatible with the JUUL2 and it's essential to only use genuine JUUL2 pods for this vape.

Here are some key stats to know:

  • 18mg of nicotine
  • 7 different flavours
  • Up to 300 puffs per pod

The JUUL2 pods are an upgrade on the original JUUL1 pods offering 70% more juice than before. The brand also refined its manufacturing methods to produce a better concentration of nicotine salts, offering a much smoother hit with every inhale.

You'll be pleased to know the nic salts fall well within the United Kingdom regulations, which limit all vaping devices to a maximum of 20mg.

Try The Full Range Of JUUL Flavours

Both the starter kits and JUUL2 pods give you a luxurious library of flavours to choose from. Each flavour is designed to be mellow and mimic the sensation of cigarettes, but with a much nicer taste and throat feeling.

You have 7 in total, and here they are:

  • Autumn Tobacco
  • Blackcurrant Tobacco
  • Crisp Menthol
  • Polar Menthol
  • Ruby Menthol
  • Summer Menthol
  • Virginia Tobacco

The menthol notes in most of the flavours deliver a nice minty freshness that feels good when you take a draw from the device. It's also good to know that the JUUL2 pods come in packs of 2. You get two of the same variety in each pack - though we let you mix and match your order if you'd like to try more!

JUUL Prices & Special Deals

We're happy to be a leading online store that ships within the United Kingdom and can provide a multitude of wonderful JUUL offers. Keep in mind our site is only accessible to UK customers - and you'll find these deals ready to claim:

  • Get the JUUL2 Starter Kit for £9 or 3 for £25 and 5 for £40
  • Get JUUL2 Pods for £4 or 3 for £11, 10 for £35 and 20 for £60
  • Free UK Delivery on all orders over £10
  • New customers get 10% off their first order when they join our mailing list

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