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Discover a range of Blu Vape products, highlighted by the sought-after Blu 2.0 Pod Kit. Blu is committed to delivering an exceptional vaping experience to its customers, renowned for their consistent reliability, trustworthiness, and superior quality.

Every Blu vape comes with a selection of nicotine salt levels and a diverse range of flavours. Don't miss our ongoing mix & match offers on all Blu vapes, allowing you to combine various flavours for considerable discounts.

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Blu 2.0 Pod Kit Sale price£9.00
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Get the best prices and deals on Blu Vape products here at Vape Globe. We'll bring you the latest Blu Bar Flavours and free UK delivery when you spend £10 or more.

Blu is a brand synonymous with the Blu Bar product. It's a big seller in vaping industry and the brand itself has been around since before the vaping boom took off. Established in 2009, Blu formerly traded under the name Skycig. Since 2014, the brand has been known as Blu when it released the patented Blu Bar disposable vapes. Now, Blu Bars are famous for their quality, longevity and strength of flavours.

Find out everything you need to know about Blu and Blu Bar vape kits right here!

Shop The Latest Blu Vape Products Today

We're overjoyed to bring you the latest innovation in the Blu Bar range. Instead of a disposable vape that can only be used once, Blu has crafted two perfect products:

  • Blu 2.0 Pod Kit
  • Blu 2.0 Pre-Filled Pods

Both are sold separately yet can be used together - and you get a phenomenal choice of flavours in the nic salt e-liquid. If you've been using disposable vapes for years but want to make the switch with the impending UK disposable vape ban coming up, then the Blu Pro Kit is the ideal choice.

Blu 2.0 Pod Kit

The Blu 2.0 Pod Kit is the newest product offered to the UK market by Blu. It's an upgraded version of the original Blu Pro Kit with some neat features to take your vaping experience to the next level.

This is not a disposable vape; it comes with a highly durable 400mAh rechargeable battery for ongoing use. The battery power is more than enough to take you through a day and it charges in just 55 minutes. A USB-C charging cable can be connected to the device, meaning you can get to work or do the cooking at home while it charges in the background.

The battery isn't the only big feature in this reusable Blu Bar! All Blu Bars come with these excellent selling points:

  • 1.9ml e-liquid capacity
  • 18mg of nicotine strength per pod
  • Magnetic lock to seamlessly switch between flavours
  • Unique PowerTap technology

The PowerTap technology is a new addition to the Blu Range giving your device more functionality. Three quick taps on the side of your Blu 2.0 will show you the current battery life. Bright LEDs light up to show if you're close to charging or not. It means your Blu Bar will never surprise you by running out of juice!

Blu is largely famous for its Blu Bar disposable vape range, though the original Blu Pro Pod Kit was a roaring success. It took all that was good about this product and added better features to make the new Blu 2.0 a more well-rounded vape kit. You get to enjoy 25% more puffs per pod in the Blu 2.0, meaning there's a total of 600 puffs before the flavour tank has to be switched out.

Plus, the inclusion of a new mesh coil improves the heating element of the vape and delivers more flavour in every puff. Start vaping by moving your lips to the mouthpiece and inhaling, then sit back and enjoy the ride!

Blu 2.0 Pre-Filled Pods

You need the Blu 2.0 Pre-Filled Pods to use your Blu 2.0 vape kits! We sell them in packs of two and each pack comes with these amazing options:

  • Two nicotine strength choices
  • 10 amazing flavours
  • 1.9 ml of liquid per pod
  • Up to 600 puffs

Having two nicotine strength choices makes Blu e-liquids a contender for the best alternative to smoking cigarettes. Users can begin with a higher strength and work their way down to a lower one. You get to choose the nicotine strength when placing your order and the options are 9mg or 18mg of nicotine. Both strengths are within UK regulations, making the Blu pods 100% legal.

Each pod fits into your device using a magnetic connection. Simply pull out the old pod when it's empty and insert the new one. You'll feel a magnetic pull as the pod snaps into place, so you can be confident it won't slip out while you're mid-inhale!

Try Every Delicious Flavour In The Blu Range

Blu always develops fresh and fruity flavours for its Blu Bar disposable vapes and we're glad to see the trend continue for the Blu 2.0. Ten delectable flavour options await your taste buds, including these fantastic sweet choices:

  • Strawberry Ice
  • Blueberry Cherry
  • Fresh Mango
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Berry Mix
  • Grape Ice
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon Ice

If you'd rather experience a fresh flavour with every hit, you can find nic salts in these options too:

  • Fresh Mint
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Polar Menthol
  • Strawberry Mint

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The kit alone sells for £9, so these multi-buy options will save you £2 or £5 respectively. Ordering more than one kit also moves your order above our £10 threshold for free delivery.

If you're looking to buy some vape pods to refill your kit, then we sell them at £4 a pack or 3 for £11, 10 for £35 and 20 for £60. Take your pick and don't forget to choose the nicotine strength before adding to your basket.

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