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Meet VELO Nicotine Pouches, a new offering from BAT, the creators behind renowned snus and nicotine pouch brands Lyft & Epok.

VELO introduces sleek and subtle nicotine pouches crafted from eucalyptus and pine. These pouches are incredibly user-friendly – simply place one under your lip and experience the smooth release of flavour and nicotine.

VELO stands out in the market with its diverse array of flavours and strengths. Refresh yourself with the powerful Ice Cool Mint or explore the novelty of the Ruby Berry's strawberry flavour. Each VELO can contains 20 pouches, making it a notable contender in the nicotine pouch market.

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VELO is a nicotine pouches brand from Sweden. The company is obsessed with making the best tobacco-free snus it can and is now one of the most popular in the world.

But should you buy its products? That's what you're about to find out.

On this page, we discuss everything you need to know about VELO nicotine pouches, including what products the brand sells, how much nicotine they contain and what flavours it offers. By the end, there should be nothing you don't know about the company's nicotine products.

VELO Flavours

Like other companies in the space, VELO nicotine pouches are available in numerous flavours that tingle the tastebuds. The brand pours considerable resources into ensuring that each taste sensation is true to life.

Here's a rundown of all its flavours and the strengths they come in:

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice combines a fruity flavour with an icy cooling sensation. VELO makes it as refreshing as possible. It starts with the revivified taste of sun-ripened strawberries followed by the brand's trademark cooling aftertaste.

Nicotine strength: 6MG and 10MG

Tropical Ice

Tropical Ice nicotine pouches combine exotic fruits with a cooling sensation to help you feel energised and refreshed. The flavour is a blend of pineapple, coconut, mango and papaya, making you feel like you are in Southeast Asia.

Nicotine strength: 6MG and 10MG

Citrus Mint

Citrus mint is a combination of lemon and mint. The experience begins with a touch of zestiness, followed by a refreshing mint that provides a tingling sensation.

VELO's Citrus Mint is a unique option that is quite distinct from other brands. You can sense the difference the moment you pop it into your mouth. There's nothing quite like it.

Nicotine strength: 10MG

Watermelon Mint

Watermelon Mint's concept is similar. It rewards you with a juicy infusion of watermelon and mint in the same packaging, transforming your experience. The sensation is similar to vapes with the same flavour, making it one of the most celebrated VELO pouches.

Nicotine strength: 10MG

Cooling Storm

VELO Cooling Storm combines the unique flavour of menthol with a hint of mint for the ultimate cooling sensation. You get a double-whammy of freshness, making it suitable for anyone who wants to feel alert and lively. Unfortunately, it is not available in VELO Mini.

Nicotine strength: 11MG


Freeze takes this cooling concept to the next level, offering the most powerful menthol experience in VELO's collection. The nicotine pouches hit hard, thanks to their high active ingredient content.

Nicotine strength: 11MG, 14MG, & 17MG

Ice Cool

Ice Cool is a simple flavour with a cooling aftertaste. It is similar to Cooling Storm but with less menthol and more minty overtones.

Ice Cool is perhaps the most classic of all of VELO's products. It is similar to taste sensations developed by rival brands, including Nordic Spirit and ZYN.

Nicotine strength: 6MG & 10MG

Polar Mint

Polar Mint provides a slightly different take on the mint-menthol combination. It uses milder spearmint and subtle menthol for less of a kick. It's ideal for anyone who loves feeling refreshed but wants something less overpowering.

Nicotine strength: 4MG, 6MG, 8MG, & 10MG

Royal Violet

Royal Violet nicotine pouches give you the essence of red grapes combined with a slight berry-like acidity. This option is perfect for those who want a discreet VELO pouch to fit under the lip. It is also a hit among those looking for slightly sour options or who don't want lots of artificial sweeteners.

Nicotine strength: 6MG

Ruby Berry

Ruby Berry is another top taste sensation from VELO. It combines the sweetness of strawberries with acidity for a more complex flavour.

Ruby Berry can be quite sharp. However, VELO makes it available in all its strength options, which may explain the flavour choice.

Nicotine strength: 4MG, 6MG, 8MG, 10MG, 14MG & 17MG

Tropic Breeze

VELO developed Tropic Breeze to transport you on a journey to an exotic land far away. It combines various fruits, including passionfruit and mandarin. The citrus comes through strongly, complementing the other exotic tastes but also making it more familiar at the same time.

Nicotine strength: 4MG, 6MG & 10MG

Urban Vibe

Urban Vibe is a combination of various red berries, including cranberries, and cherries. It has a fun, sometimes tart appeal, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting to experiment with something new.

Urban Vibe matches other brands' mixed berries options. However, it has a little more sweetness than most, making it more suitable for those who love desserts.

Nicotine strength: 6MG

Cinnamon Flame

Cinnamon Flame is one of VELO's most unique products. It is different from nearly anything else on the market, embodying the warmth and aromatic qualities of cinnamon bark.

You might enjoy this flavour if you love sprinkling cinnamon spice on your food. It is a complex flavour that tickles the taste buds and offers a heating effect. Know what you are signing up for before you buy.

Nicotine strength: 10MG

Lime Flame

Finally, Lime Flame offers something similar. It intelligently combines the taste of freshly squeezed lime with spicy jalapeno peppers for a Mexican experience. The warm tastes and subtle aromas are light on the tongue.

Nicotine strength: 8MG

VELO Products: Everything You Need To Know

VELO is owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), a big firm in the cigarette space. It provides R&D funding that enables VELO to build incredible products that max out your taste buds and keep you feeling powered all day.

Product Types

VELO sells two types of nicotine pouches: slim and mini.

Slim pouches are standard in the nicotine pouch market. These are chunky products that fit between the gum and the cheek, releasing their flavour gradually over time and offering excellent value.

Mini are smaller. These don't last as long, but they can be more discreet.

Some VELO nicotine pouches are available in both slim and mini formats, but not all. Others are only available in one size.

The following flavours are available in Mini and Slim formats:

  • Strawberry Ice
  • Tropical Ice
  • Polar Mint
  • Ruby Berry
  • Tropical Breeze

Slim-only include:

  • Citrus Mint
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Cooling Storm
  • Freeze
  • Ice Cool
  • Urban Vibe
  • Cinnamon Flame
  • Lime Flame

The only mini-only product is Royal Violet.

VELO's Quality Control

All VELO products across its ecosystem are made from high-quality plant-based ingredients. The brand believes that everyone should be able to shop free from worrying about the impact of its range on animals.

VELO Branding

VELO recently changed its look. Its new packaging makes the brand stand out and helps more people notice its products (and buy them).

It will also introduce new flavour names soon to replace its existing ones. For example:

  • Polar Mint will become Bright Spearmint
  • Ice Cool will become Crispy Peppermint
  • Freeze will become Freezing Peppermint
  • Royal Violet will become Purple Grape
  • Ruby Berry will remain Ruby Berry
  • Tropic Breeze will become Tropical Mango
  • Citrus Mint will become Minty Lemon
  • Watermelon Mint will become Wintry Watermelon
  • Cooling Storm will become Peppermint Storm

Despite these name changes, VELO will keep everything else the same. The brand will still make its nicotine pouches from the same high-quality ingredients. Therefore, you don't need to take any additional actions – just order as usual.

VELO still hasn't said when this makeover will happen, but it isn't far away. It could even be before you make your next order, so be ready for the changes. If you find a flavour you don't recognise, just pop back here.

VELO Nicotine Strengths

VELO offers the following strengths per pouch:

  • 4MG
  • 6MG
  • 8MG
  • 10MG
  • 11MG
  • 14MG
  • 17MG

Like most brands, you can't get all products in every strength. However, some have more options than others.

Why Choose VELO Nicotine Pouches?

Like other businesses, VELO wants to sell products. However, the brand also believes in being sustainable.

It calls this commitment its "VELOSOPHY." With it, the firm strives for a cleaner plant, sustainable cities, and local livelihoods.

It does this through three methods:

1. Toxicant Reduction

VELO nicotine pouches have 99% less toxicants than conventional cigarettes. This means that products have 99% less of the most harmful chemicals inhaled during conventional smoking.

However, VELO is keen to point out that a 99% lower toxicant count doesn't mean a 99% lower risk. VELO products still contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

2. Sustainability Commitment

VELO also commits to sustainability across its product range while continuing to offer value. It does this with its network of suppliers.

All of its cans are now recyclable at local recycling plants. The firm is also investing in alternative forms of packaging that will help it reduce its environmental burden even further. Recycling facilities are available at local collection points and supermarkets.

Previously, the business used a flex lid. It has since removed this and replaced it on new cans with a recyclable alternative.

At present, you can't recycle the firm's pouches. However, VELO is working on new product development initiatives it hopes will help make them suitable for recycling at a later date.

3. ISCC Certification

Finally, VELO has ISCC Certification from the International Sustainability Carbon Certification group. This system covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, circular materials, and renewables.

Currently, VELO cans are made of 91% recycled plastic. This transfer away from virgin materials helps VELO support the circular economy.

The firm also supports recycling technologies that transform hard-to-recycle products into new plastic. The brand is keen to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and cut down on the consumption of non-renewable resources. It believes in establishing more efficient manufacturing processes that reduce waste going to landfills.

Wrapping Up

VELO is an interesting brand because of its unique philosophy. It believes in providing services that add value and that are free from tobacco and other contaminants. At the same time, it wants to max out the positive effects it has on the environment, reducing the use of plastic and recycling as much as possible.

Whether you choose VELO is a personal decision. The brand is ideal for people who love classic taste sensations or want to experiment with new ones. However, it doesn't offer any tobacco-containing products, which might not be suitable for some people.

Velo FAQs

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