How to use Snus and Nicotine Pouches

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If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes or tobacco, snus and nicotine pouches are two of the most popular products available.

This guide on how to take snus or use nicotine pouches will answer all of your key questions, such as;

  • Where do you put snus? 
  • How long do you keep snus in?
  • How many snus can you have a day?
  • How do you use nicotine pouches?
  • How many nicotine pouches a day is right?

Our Recommended Nicotine Pouch Cans

Before learning how to take snus, you must first choose the right product for your requirements. Nicotine pouches and snus are very similar products characterised as pouch-based nicotine products. However, nicotine pouches are tobacco-free while snus contains both nicotine and tobacco.

Here at Vape Globe, we are proud to offer a wide selection of nicotine pouches. The top three are detailed below:

#1. Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches Mint

Nicotine pouches have been popular in Scandinavia for many years, but have now made their way to the UK. Nordic Spirit is heralded as one of the premier brands on the market, and its mint flavoured pouches are the gem in the company’s crown.

Available in several strengths, the 11mg /pouch solution is our favourite as it produces a refreshing flavour and long-lasting cooling effect. However, new users may wish to opt for a 3mg/pouch solution instead. 

Buy Nordic Spirit Mint Nicotine Pouches Here

#2. Velo Nicotine Pouches Watermelon Mint

Velo is another highly popular brand known for producing a wide range of flavours for its nicotine pouches. The watermelon mint combines juicy watermelon with cool peppermint to deliver a distinct flavour.

At 10mg/pouch, the Velo product is a good option for anyone who is looking for a new product. Meanwhile, the combination flavour is also popular with new users who don’t want the powerful punch of mint alone.

Buy Velo Watermelon Melon Nicotine Pouches Here  

#3. On! Nicotine Pouches Coffee

Available in many flavours, the On! Nicotine pouches are a great option for new users due to their 3mg/pouch strength. The coffee flavour stands out for a rich, aromatic experience underpinned by the full-bodied flavour of roasted coffee beans.

For users who love coffee and want to integrate some of the coffee experience into their nicotine pouch usage, turning it On! Is the answer. Alternatively, the lemon berry flavour is a good option.

Buy On! Coffee Nicotine Pouches Here

How To Snus

Once you’ve selected the snus or nicotine pouch of your choice, it’s vital that you learn how to take snus correctly. Otherwise, you will fail to get the full experience. 

Snus is also available as a loose product in a tin, but most users will find that pouches are the better solution. They are more convenient while it’s also easier to manage the quantity. Loose snus is also more prone to being spoiled if the tin is left open. 

While it is legal to use snus if you are over 18 years old, tobacco pouches are not sold in the UK, which is why nicotine pouches (which are also commonly allowed on flights) are the far more commonly used product. However, the process of how to take snus and nicotine pouches is the same. The following steps will lead you to success:

#1. How To Open Snus

Firstly, you must open the snus can and take a nicotine pouch from it. To open a snus can, you will generally use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze and gently ‘pop’ the lid open. However, some brands will have slightly different instructions.

Once you have opened the snus can, the lid may be lifted to reveal the individual pouches. Standard pack sizes include 20 individual pouches. You should pick up a single pouch (do not use more than one pouch at a time) from the corner by using the thumb and index finger.

The tin design should prevent the risk of children opening the package. Moreover, it ensures that the pouches stay fresh when sealed inside. 

#2 Nicotine Pouch Placement

Many new nicotine pouch users find themselves asking “Where do you put snus?”, which is important because if you want a safe and effective experience. It should be placed under your top lip so that you can feel it pressed against the inside of the upper lip.

For the most comfortable experience, most people place it slightly to one side but without going to the sides of the mouth. This can make it easier to continue daily tasks and interactions. However, you should find the most comfortable position after a few uses..

If you are wondering why snus is placed under the top lip, comfort is the main reason. However, the fact that the pouch will be positioned far away from the salivary glands can help prevent drip (when juices leak). So, while the lower lip is an option, very few people would opt for this choice.

#3 How Long To Keep Snus In

The duration of the snus experience may vary from one band to the next. However, the majority of products will slowly release nicotine for between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The packaging of individual products will give you further indication.

A tingling will be felt as nicotine is released. It is most noticeable when first putting the pouch into your mouth but will continue to release nicotine into your body for the 30-60 minute duration. Some users choose to remove the pouch sooner, although it’s best to leave it for at least five minutes.

If you find yourself removing the nicotine pouch halfway through, it may be advised to choose a product with a lower strength.

Additional Advice On How To Snus

By now, you should know how to open snus and have the answers to questions like “Where do you put snus?” and “How long does snus last?”, but there are many more issues you need to consider. Here’s all you need to know about the key topics and questions. 

How Many Nicotine Pouches A Day Is OK?

The amount of nicotine that a person can take without experiencing any side effects will vary from one person to the next. However, it should be noted that only about 20% of the nicotine in each pouch will be absorbed by the body, even if you keep it in for the full 60 minutes.

Many snus consumers average 10 pouches (or half a tin) daily. However, there is no lower limit, with many people enjoying just 1-2 pouches per day. When having multiple pouches per day, it is best to alternate which side of the upper lip you place them in.

How Long Does Snus Last?

As well as asking “How long do you keep snus in the mouth for?”, you should consider how long pouches last once the tin has been opened. The pouches within a can should last for around five days at room temperature, but you can extend this by putting them in the fridge.

When storing larger volumes, it’s important to keep sealed snus tins in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the taste and nicotine release rate may be compromised. Another option is to freeze your nicotine pouches, which will then last for up to one year.

How To Use Snus As A First Time User

Whether using nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking or as a new nicotine user, it’s best to select a product with a low nicotine content amount. You can always increase the nicotine strength over time and once your body has acclimatised.

As a new user, you should also try to leave a gap before your next pouch. Meanwhile, feeling nauseous is a clear sign that the strength is too high. In this instance, you should remove the nicotine pouch and take a break. 

Disposing Of Snus Pouches

Whether you keep the nicotine pouch in your mouth for 5 minutes or 60 minutes, you must dispose of it correctly. Nicotine pouches are fully biodegradable, so you can dispose of them responsibly. Of course, you must ensure that children and adults are unable to access your used snus pouch.

It should be noted that many of the snus tins have a compartment for empty/finished pouches. You can collect them here and then dispose of the full tin upon completion for convenience. 

Regulations Regarding Nicotine Pouches

If you are travelling internationally, you should also confirm whether you are permitted to take the product across the border. While nicotine pouches are legal in the UK and many European countries, it is always best to check.

In Australia and New Zealand, for example, they are only available on prescription. Meanwhile, like the UK, many countries have tighter regulations relating to snus compared to tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

The Final Word

Nicotine pouches have become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking in recent years, but many people do not know how to use them for the best experience. Now that you know how to snus effectively, a world of experiences awaits. 

To find the right nicotine pouches for your needs, get in touch with our experts today. 

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