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Snus is a tobacco product you’ve probably heard of. But you may be less sure of what it is. Keep reading, and we’ll give you the lowdown on what is snus and what does it do. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Snus? A Short History

So, we’ve established that snus is a tobacco product. Specifically, snus is a form of moist tobacco powder

But where does it come from, and how long has snus been used? Well, snus originated in Sweden in the 18th century as a variant of dry snuff. 

Today, snus use remains high in Sweden, where around 12% of the population uses it. Although snus has been around for hundreds of years, it’s recently started to regain popularity. 

What is Snus Used For?

This smokeless tobacco product is used by many people as an alternative to smoking. 

Some people use snus even if they’ve never smoked, simply because they enjoy it. This is because it can deliver a feeling of well-being when they use it. 

Snus contains nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes. It’s the nicotine that delivers the feelings of well-being some people experience when using it. 

Another popular reason people choose to use snus is that it’s discreet. As snus is smokeless and placed under your lip, you can use it without detection.

What is Snus Made Of?

Obviously, snus contains tobacco, but what else is snus made from? Here’s what snus typically contains:

  • Water
  • Salt (usually ordinary cooking salt)
  • Moisture preserving agents
  • Aromatic flavours (for example, juniper berries or mint)

How do You Use Snus?

Snus is usually sold in small, pre-packaged portions placed under the user’s lip. The user then leaves the snus in position for anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. 

Is Snus Used in the Same Way as Snuff?

Snus is often confused with snuff. While they’re both tobacco products, there are some big differences between them. 

Snuff is tobacco that is sniffed, while snus is tobacco used via sublabial administration. This means that snus users place the tobacco between the inside of their upper lip and their gum. 

What Does Snus Do?

When snus is placed between the inside of the lip and the gum, it slowly releases nicotine, which is then absorbed into the gum. This provides the snus user with a steady nicotine hit.

It is believed that the nicotine in snus brings the user a greater sense of well-being. This is because its relaxing and stimulating properties activate the brain’s reward system.

Relaxing Effect of Snus

The relaxing effect of snus is caused by the nicotine stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter and ‘happy’ hormone dopamine. The release of dopamine helps users to feel good and brings a sense of calm.

Stimulating Effect of Snus

As well as triggering dopamine for a relaxing effect, the nicotine in snus also has a stimulating effect. This activates the release of adrenaline, making you feel more alert and energised.

How Does Snus Work?

So, how does snus work, and how long does the effect of snus last? 

How Long Does it Take for Snus to Work?

  • When you place snus under your lip it will take around 20 minutes for you to start to feel the effects.
  • If you’re using snus for the first time, you may notice a tingly feeling or burning sensation when you first position it in your mouth.
  • The nicotine needs time to be absorbed through your gums and into your bloodstream before you start to feel its effects.

What Happens When Snus Takes Effect?

  • As the nicotine is absorbed through your gums, you may notice your heart rate increase and your blood pressure will start to rise.
  • Around 20 minutes after placing the snus in your mouth, the nicotine will reach your brain. This activates the release of dopamine, which produces the relaxing effect of snus. 

How Long Do the Effects of Taking Snus Last?

  • Nicotine levels in your bloodstream will peak around 30 minutes after you place the snus in your mouth.
  • Some people remove the snus at this stage, especially if it has become too wet and slippery. Others prefer to keep the snus in their mouths for longer.
  • Around two hours after first using snus you may notice that you’re craving more. This is because the half-life of nicotine is around two hours.
  • Generally, it will take around eight hours for snus to be cleared from the body. But if you use snus regularly, it may remain in your system for longer.
  • Everyone is different and how long the snus lasts will depend on a few factors. These include the strength of the snus you used and the size of the snus pouch you used. Your individual characteristics will also influence how long the snus effects last. These include your weight and metabolic weight.

Can You Buy Snus in the UK?

Wondering what is snus UK? Well, snus is actually illegal in the UK and countries in the European Union. As it’s prohibited in quite a few countries, you may struggle to buy snus outside of Sweden and Norway. 

While you can’t buy snus in the UK, you can buy nicotine pouches. Like snus, nicotine pouches are placed under your lip, and the nicotine is absorbed via the tissue in your mouth. This means that they can generate the same stimulant and relaxant effects as snus. But unlike snus, nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco.

Find Snus Alternatives in the UK

Nicotine pouches are increasing in popularity throughout the UK. As they’re legal in the UK, they’re an excellent alternative to Snus. 

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