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Nordic Spirit, a nicotine pouch brand from Swedish manufacturer Nordic Snus, is renowned for its diverse range of flavours and strengths, and its unique blend of plant fibre and chewing gum in the pouch base. The brand's offerings embody a fusion of freshness and creativity.

Within Nordic Spirit's array, you'll find a wide selection of nicotine pouches. Discover your preferred choice from an array of flavours – experience the Spearmint Intense in two strengths or enjoy the vibrant Berry Citrus. Whatever you choose, Nordic Spirit ensures each pouch is sleek and discreet, providing a prolonged release of both flavour and nicotine.

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Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit is a nicotine pouch brand from Sweden. It offers tobacco-free products, allowing you to enjoy delicious flavourings without worrying about toxicants.

Like other popular brands in the space, the Nordic Spirit offers nicotine pouches in various flavours, like Mint, alongside less common alternatives. Pouches are discreet and convenient, allowing you to place them under your top or bottom lip for prolonged nicotine delivery. There are even mini versions for even more discretion, which we cover later.

The purpose of this post is to give you everything you need to know about Nordic Spirit. You'll learn about the flavours on offer, the various product types the company sells, and how much nicotine each pouch contains. By the time you get to the end, you'll be an expert. 

So, let's get started, shall we?

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouch Flavours

Nordic Spirit's biggest appeal is the sheer number of flavourings it offers. It completely spoils you for choice!

What's more, the brand's taste sensations are highly inventive. Customers can keep experimenting with its range for years.

Let's take a look at all the flavour options in more detail: 


People love spearmint because it is gentle on the tongue. It has a feels fresh and happy vibe, unlike tobacco.

Nordic Spirit offers Spearmint in three strengths: 6MG, 9MG and 11MG. The latter X-Strong line is a full-strength nicotine experience.

Each pouch is made of plant-based fibres that help to carry more of the flavour. 


Nordic Spirit's Mint is a classic and one of the first flavours for nicotine pouches.

Mint gives you the fresh taste of menthol combined with crisp peppermint. The brand wants it to feel like the fresh Nordic air on your skin.

Nordic Spirit Mint is available in 6MG, 9MG and 11MG nicotine strength options and comes in the same pouches made of plant-based fibres. 

Bergamot Wildberry

Bergamot is an oily substance derived from the rind of ripe Seville oranges. It gives nicotine pouches a zesty, bitter taste that works well with currants, blackberries, and blueberries.

Nordic Spirit expertly combines these flavourings for a perfect blend. The delicate fruity ingredients shine through for a tingling sensation under the lips. Try it in 6MG, 9MG, and 11MG varieties.


Watermelon is another Nordic Spirit classic. Tobacco-free, the flavour lets you unwind and relax while enjoying the sun-kissed taste of tropical watermelon, combined with heady sweet notes.

Like other Nordic Spirit products, it uses a soft white pouch, made of plant-based fibres and gum base. 6MG and 9MG versions are available, but it is not available in "X-Strong."


Elderflower is one of Nordic Spirit's most original flavours. It combines the flowers of the elder plant with citrusy undertones to create a distinctive and unique flavour. Placing it under your tongue transports you to a warm summer's day, relaxing with friends.

This nicotine pouch is available in 6MG and 9MG only. Like Watermelon, Nordic Spirit does not offer an X-Strong version.


Mocha is another highly original flavour from Nordic Spirit, tapping into Sweden's love of coffee. It combines the bitterness of coffee beans with the sweet richness of chocolate and a touch of cream.

Customers love this flavour because it lets them enjoy coffee sensations anytime. It's the perfect alternative to a cigarette and espresso in the morning (which is how many people start their days).

This product is available in 9MG nicotine content only. 

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches: A Primer

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) launched Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches in 2018. It wanted a 100% tobacco-free brand, giving existing adult smokers and vapers in the UK an alternative to conventional cigarettes.

JTI created and produced the first pouches in Vårgårda Kvarn - a historic mill outside of Gothenburg dating back to the 15th century. The company later moved production to Poland across the Baltic Sea.

The main goal of JTI is to create discreet nicotine pouches. These allow customers to enjoy nicotine in locations where regular smoking is not possible. However, the brand soon expanded to offering an outright alternative to cigarettes.

Smoke and vapour are not allowed in most public settings in Western countries. But Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches provide an odour-free alternative that people can use anytime and anywhere.

All cans contain 20 tobacco-free pouches that provide sustained flavour release for up to an hour, similar to traditional snus. Products are made with plant-based fibres and flavourings used in the food industry. The brand formulates them with a gum base, allowing them to conform to the contours of the user's mouth for a better feel.

Originally, Nordic Spirit pouches were only available in Mint and Bergamot Wildberry. However, the brand significantly expanded its range over recent years and is now one of the most varied on the market.

Product Sizing

Nordic Spirit pouches come in Mini and Standard Sizes.

The brand targets Mini products at consumers who are new to getting their nicotine from pouches or want a more discreet experience. Mini products have less nicotine content – only 3MG – for a minimal buzz.

Nordic Spirit offers Mini nicotine pouches in two flavours: Spearmint and Mint. You can't get this product size in any other options right now.

By contrast, Standard products are larger and more popular when discretion is not as important. These contain more nicotine and are available in extra flavours and strengths. Both product types come in a handy container

How To Choose A Pouch Size

The brand recommends Minis for existing adult nicotine users who haven't used these pouches before. It says the pouches will fit comfortably under your lip, no matter the shape of your mouth, for more discretion.

Standard options are available for those wanting stronger strengths or more flavours. These are good for people who used traditional snus previously

What strengths are Nordic Spirit products available in?

Nordic Spirit makes its products available in various strengths. These dictate how much nicotine you get in each pouch.

The company has three strength ratings but varies whether you choose Standard or Mini.

Standard Regular Strength has 6MG of nicotine per serving while Mini Regular Strength has 3MG of nicotine per serving. Both have 9MG of nicotine per gram since Mini is smaller than Standard.

Strong Strength has 9MG per serving or 14MG per gram and is only available in standard sizing.

Finally, Extra-Strong is 11MG of nicotine per serving or 17MG per gram and is also only available with standard sizing.

The brand suggests starting with the lowest strengths and working your way up if needed. All products use top-quality ingredients.

The History Of Nordic Spirit

The history of Nordic Spirit stretches back more than two hundred years. The foundations of the brand began in the 18th century when Swedish farmers would mix tobacco leaves with salt and water, creating the first snus.

With the growing European market, some enterprising individuals tried to sell their products at markets. More people started placing the leaves under their lips, noticing they could get a similar nicotine hit as smoking.

In the 20th century, pouch technology improved significantly. Manufacturers developed materials that could hold the tobacco leaves and allow nicotine to flow out and absorb through the surrounding gum barrier. These products still contained tobacco but were significantly more marketable, and the snus phenomenon took off.

The big breakthrough came in 2003. Improvements in nicotine extraction technology meant that manufacturers could create snus without tobacco. This development is why Nordic Spirit materialised.

The company's first home was Vårgårda, the site of a grain mill. Entrepreneurs later developed the area into a plant for making breakfast cereals before turning it into a snus factory in 2002. Advances in nicotine extraction meant that the red brick building could produce pouches for the mass market, and by 2018, that's what happened.

In 2019, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches were launched in the UK. The company hopes to expand the number of people with access to convenient, smoke-free alternatives to conventional tobacco in the future.

How To Use Nordic Spirit Pouches

Here are some instructions on how to Nordic Spirit pouches:

Step 1: Place Under Your Lip

The first step is to place the product under your top or bottom lip. Choose whichever you prefer.

Play with the position of the product until you find the sweet spot. Most people experiment for a while before finding a comfortable lip region.

Step 2: Wait For The Tingling Sensation

Next, wait for your mouth to start tingling. When this happens, you know the product is working its magic.

Pouches tingle when they release their active ingredients. The sensation usually lasts around between zero and fifteen minutes before subsiding.

Step 3: Enjoy

The third step is to enjoy the experience. Nordic Spirit releases nicotine for up to an hour, giving the substance plenty of time to get into your system.

Step 4: Dispose Responsibly

The final step is to dispose of the product responsibly. Packaging can go into recycling while the pouch should be put in the general waste.

Final Thoughts

ZYN, On! and other brands are developing new products that are giving Nordic Spirit stiff competition. However, despite being so young, it is already making waves.

Like other labels, Nordic Spirit has the backing of a major conglomerate, JTI. The parent company provides R&D funding that supports its expansion, allowing it to invest in new lines that appeal to more people.

It also offers more lines. People love this brand because of its unique flavours and availability.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this brand today and see if it gives you the experience you crave. Get pouches at a discount when you shop with us. 

Nordic Spirit FAQ

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