Elf Bar AF5000 Review

Elf Bar AF5000

If you're looking for a disposable vape that gives you a little more, you can't go wrong with the Elf Bar AF5000. Long-lasting, it provides up to 5,000 puffs for a high-quality vape with reliable performance. Available in 15 fantastic e liquid flavours, this disposable vape can be charged on the go to help you get the most out of your product.

Intrigued to know more? We reveal all in our ElfBar AF5000 guide.

What is the Elf Bar AF5000?

The Elf Bar AF5000 is a disposable vape from popular vape brand Elf Bar, providing an innovative experience for those who prefer to use disposable vape products. Available in a wide range of flavours, the Elf Bar AF5000 is a popular choice, with a sleek design and impressive lifespan that sets it apart from other devices on the market.

While the Elf Bar AF5000 is a disposable vape, it certainly packs a punch. Designed to last for up to 5,000 puffs and featuring a rechargeable battery, it provides convenience and a consistent flavour that is sure to impress both new and experienced vapers.

What sets the Elf Bar AF5000 apart?

While there are many disposable vape brands on the market, the Elf Bar AF5000 comes with several handy features that make it a superior choice if you're looking for a product to suit your needs. Some of the key features of the Elf Bar AF5000 include:

High-quality design

The first thing you'll notice about the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable is its sleek design. Housed in high quality plastic casing, it has a sleek design featuring a curved base and the distinctive branding you'll find on all Elf Bar products. Bold and bright, this disposable vape is instantly recognisable - a sign of Elf Bar's incredible popularity.

5000 puff capacity

As the name suggests, the Elf Bar AF5000 has an incredible 5,000 puff capacity. This is much more than you'd expect from typical disposable vapes. It comes with a refill container that provides automatic vape juice refills to help keep your vape topped up - with users able to refill the device up to five times. Simply keep the device upside to refill the e liquid for long vaping sessions.

Rechargeable battery

Not only is the Elf Bar AF5000 a refillable disposable vape, but it also has a rechargeable battery. The device is easily charged with a USB C cable, giving users the flexibility to charge their device on the move. These rechargeable disposable vapes provide the convenience of a refillable vape without the hassle of maintaining the device, giving you the perfect long-lasting device to suit your lifestyle.

Exceptional vaping experience

The Elf Bar AF5000 is designed to provide optimal performance thanks to its impressive qualities. This disposable device has a 2ml e liquid tank, alongside its 10ml refill e liquid container. It contains 20mg nicotine salt E liquid, which will appeal to both experienced vapers and those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional cigarette.

Innovative Elf Bar technology

As with other popular Elf Bar products, the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape is equipped with innovative Elf Bar technology. It includes Elf Bar's renowned QUAQ mesh coil technology, which helps boost its performance, while also ensuring the MTL (mouth to lung) draw is reminiscent of traditional smoking. With its standout features, the Elf Bar AF5000 delivers a quality experience from the very first puff.

What is the Elf Bar AF5000 like to use?

The Elf Bar AF5000 is one of the leading products on the disposable market. Users will be impressed by the generous capacity, auto draw feature and impressive flavour quality. Its most appealing feature is its battery life, boosted by its ability to be recharged, allowing users to get the most from their vape. Unlike other disposable vapes, the Elf Bar AF5000 comes with a proprietary refill system that helps deliver more of your favourite flavours without losing its intensity.

With so many features, you may be surprised by the Elf Bar AF5000's size. It's perfectly compact, with distinguishable branding that users love. The user manual is printed on the side to help users quickly learn how to use the product and start enjoying the intense flavour and quality vapour production.

Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape flavours

The Elf Bar AF5000 is known for its wide range of quality flavours. From fruity blends such as sweet blueberries and pink lemonade to refreshing watermelon ice and lemon lime, Elf Bars help invigorate the taste buds, delivering bursts of flavour with each puff.

Currently available in 14 appealing flavours, you can get the Elf Bar AF5000 in:

  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Cherry Ice
  • Grape
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pineapple Mojito
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Sour Pineapple Ice
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
  • Tobacco
  • Triple Mango
  • Watermelon Ice

    These e liquid flavours provide a little something for everyone, offering everything from zesty citrus flavours to classic tobacco for a nostalgic taste. Every Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape comes with an attached e liquid bottle that allows the user to refill the device easily.

    What are some of the most popular Elf Bar flavours?

    Elf Bars come in all sorts of interesting and traditional flavours. Some of the most popular e liquid bottle flavours include Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Sour Pineapple Ice, Blueberry Ice, Lemon Lime and Pineapple Mojito. You may want to try a range of flavours before you decide on your favourite!

    Why choose the Elf Bar AF5000?

    There are a lot of great reasons to choose the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape. Whether you're an experienced vaper or you're just starting out, choosing the Elf Bar AF5000 means you get a quality product that is far more sophisticated than the typical disposable vape. Some of the main reasons to choose Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape include:

    Get more from your disposable vape with extended battery life

    One of the most frustrating things about disposable vapes is that they can run out quickly - with many only designed to provide around 500-600 puffs. But with the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable, you can get far more use than you would from a typical disposable vape thanks to its extended battery life delivering up to 5,000 puffs. It benefits from being refillable and rechargeable, allowing you to top up your juice as and when you need to, resulting in fewer purchases and extended vaping sessions.

    Enjoy consistent flavour in your favourite varieties

    The Elf Bar AF5000 disposable is available in a lot of delicious flavours, and the good news is that with each hit, you'll get the same flavour quality. Whether you want to enjoy the taste of ripe raspberries or pink lemonade, Elf Bars ensure you experience the same juicy essence with every hit. Not all vape brands are successful at maintaining their flavour, but this disposable vape will ensure you aren't left with an inferior taste towards the end of your device's lifespan.

    A convenient solution when you're out and about

    A long battery life and refill container make the Elf Bar AF5000 disposable vape a convenient solution for when you're on the move. You won't have to worry about losing power, as it charges with the help of a USB C cable, making it perfect for travelling. You'll need to purchase fewer products, which could be better for your finances and the environment.

    Improved disposable vape technology

    Another big benefit of Elf Bar AF5000 disposables is that they use the latest in disposable vape technology, providing a great vaping experience. The Elf Bar AF5000 disposable features QUAQ mesh coil technology, which helps maintain the flavour while producing some fantastic vapour clouds. All of which is housed in Elf Bar's stylish branding, with a distinctive metallic gradient strip that makes the brand stand out.


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